Database Spreadsheet

Engineering calculations are typically repeated for different sets of input data and the common practice is to create multiple copies of the same spreadsheet file for repeated calculations (Fig. 1). This however creates a maintenance nightmare: if an error is discovered, it needs to be fixed in EACH copy of the spreadsheet. The same applies to revisions, enhancements, etc. Database-enabled spreadsheet eliminates this nightmare, because it enables to keep all different sets of input data in a single file (Fig. 2).

The database capabilities can be added to any spreadsheet by a simple procedure which involves (a) adding keys for the designation of input fields (Fig. 3) and (b) adding interface used to upload different sets in input data (Fig. 4).


Multiple copies of the same spreadsheet are common practice, but difficult to maintain (Fig. 1):
Database-enabled spreadsheet may be a better approach (Fig. 2):
Database-enabled spreadsheet - internal working (Fig. 3):
Database-enabled spreadsheet control panel interface (Fig. 4):